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What Comes Up while Watching Movie? Make a Parody T-shirt

Source of inspiration needed to make a t-shirt design can be found everywhere. One of the best sources of inspiration was the movie. Usually, by watching a movie, the idea will emerge by itself, but how to make a parody movie themed T-shirts?

Snorg Tees make quite a lot of t-shirt design inspired from the movie. But they make it in the form of parody. Take a look at Milk, I’m Your Father Tee, which reminds us of the Star Wars movie, where there was a quoted phrase “Luke, I’m your father”. That statement has inspired Snorgtees to make a parody design about cows and milk. We all know that milk is one of the products of a cow. This is a very funny shirt. There’s the cow sadly look into the bottle of milk showed that the cow couldn’t accept that the product has taken by another. In the other side, the bottled milk do not want to admit the cow as his father, because he felt that he made from the factory. Funny!

funny friday 13th cotton snorgtees Crew Neck recycleatee sneakers tee shirts

The Milk shirt as funny as Friday the 12th Tee which is a parody of the movie Friday The 13th : a reboot of the Friday the 13th film series, which began in 1980. This is the horror film, which means we must be ready with all the strange appearance, as we find in the Halloween party. But look at the calendar. It’s Friday the 12th! All plans to make a lot of scenes of horror had to be postponed. It’s so sad … and funny at the same time.

All of those movie-parody tees cost $19.95, and you can get other movie tees here – also available in girls’ size!



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