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5 Awesome T-shirts to Celebrate Meme-orial Day Weekend

Lets our friends celebrate their Memorial Day weekend, but we’ve got very important, undercover mission here: to grab some uber-cool tee shirts based on internet memes at Busted Tees. There are two reasons for that.

First, because the internet memes are so huge that we gotta commemorates them. Secondly, because Busted Tees wants us to celebrate by giving a delicious 40% off their Memes tees. So what are they?

bustedtees. google maps tee shirts

Map Marker Death T-shirt

Read on my previous postings:

In future, everyone is identified with radio transmitter (or maybe something like RFID) that is implanted in their body, makes it possible to trace everyone and everywhere. If someone is found dead, a red bubble will be shown up in Google Maps marking the place where the body found. Quite scary isn’t it if the situation may really happen in the future?Don’t Drink and Blog T-shirt… Read more

bustedtees drink blog tee shirts funny hilarious

Don’t Drink and Blog T-shirt

“Drunk Tweeting is OK, but only while you’re driving.” ~ Busted Tees. That’s so true! Because your blog has more character space to write on that twitter and the chance that you’ll get fired because of writing about your boss from hell or stupid college workers  from circus-group of wonderwhere is always bigger than if you just tweeting.

bustedtees skii free microsoft tee shirts

Ski Free and Die T-shirt

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And when you’re out there facing a tough life (got chased by dreadful deadline), always remember that you’re too lucky not having monster chasing you like you’re going to be eaten alive. Wearing this retro, 8 bit-style tee by will definitely spread that spirit… Read more

bustedtees erase photoshop adobe tee shirts

Erase Me

Ok, so this is they way photoshop-geeks saying “don’t love me anymore” with a shirt which could also mean: Please erase me from your memories. That’s so sweet but also hilarious because this tee help us to say things in new way.

But do you know my only message with this kind of tee shirt, don’t send the message to people you don’t intend to. Ha!

bustedtees dick in a box tee shirts lol funnyDick in a Box T-shirt

If you were watching SNL video that’s posted on YouTube few years back, you should know what “Dick in a box” is all about — This is one of the most epic meme ever!

Since the video was posted it has been watched 27,596,697 (and counting) with 54,700 likes — wow that’s a huge number isn’t it? As usual, when people start talking about something, some others would start making it on shirt; and “Dick in a box” isn’t an exception. Of course, making your own box is always a great idea for the weekend :D

And lastly, this video is definitely something to enjoy. Have a great Meme-orial Day!





  • x-men apk - 19/08/11 - Reply

    I agree with your Tee shirt Blog: 5 Awesome T-shirts to Celebrate Meme-orial Day Weekend | cottonable, great post.

  • Tv Replay - 10/10/11 - Reply

    Don`t drink and blog =)) I really like that one!

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