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La Fraise & The Cutely Animal Tee Shirts

la fraise tee shirt apparel clothing graphic design cartoon platypus

Here we go again funny t-shirt from La Fraise. It is online t-shirts shop of funny and unique t-shirts. I know that many online t-shirt stores sell funny and unique tees as well, but can they beat La Fraise? Oh I don’t think so. La Fraise will always on the first line.

I’ll show you the newest theme on La Fraise tees: funny animaly tee. To know what that is exactly, you have to read this article completely.Now take a look at Fusion Ya! tee (€ 23) that show us that duck could be also a mammal. How could it be? Look at the design, it’s as simple as it seen. Hold the duck on your left hand, and the beaver on the right one. Then..blend! So you’ll find an egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed mammal. The question is, if we eat duck as we do the same to chicken, could you still eat this bea-duck? Or maybe platypus? Why not? We can make it as a steak and it will be surprising.

la fraise tee shirt apparel clothing graphic design cartoon chicken streetwear blog

Oh we just talked about chicken. I think I have funny chicken tee to be reviewed. Chair de Poule tee (€ 23) that talks about chicken gory movie. Remember the moment you watched a gory movie when the villain kills some people sadistic, for example, the victim is mutilated? What did you feel? Scary, obviously, but you insisted to watch until the end of the movie, no? The chicken on Chair de Poule feel the same way. They are watching movie about the bandit that slice the egg slowly so the spectator (in this case is the chicken) will feel tortured because it’s like seeing their children killed in front of them.

Hey! Don’t hold your breath too long! That’s just a t-shirt design involving animal. You can see that La Fraise has a funny way to tell their unique story into a design. But not only funny design that they have, but it also made by classic, casually cut t-shirt, 100% combed cotton, softhanded screen print.

Animal lovers should have these tees, but first you have to check all of their collection here.




  • TV-replay - 23/09/11 - Reply

    Cute designs. Thanks for sharing!

    • rangga - 28/09/11 - Reply

      you’re welcome!

  • ITV player - 26/09/11 - Reply

    Yes there are cool designs and now I`m really considering some t-shirts! Thanks for sharing

  • TV-replay - 27/09/11 - Reply

    Has anyone orderd products from them?

    • rangga - 28/09/11 - Reply

      not yet but la fraise has been there selling tees for years, before it was acquired by Spreadshirt.

      So I believe they’re trusted online shop

  • Mens Shirts - 28/11/11 - Reply

    There are some pretty cool and highly humorous ideas and designs in place here. I these a lot.

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