Introducing YemaYema, a New Urban T-shirt Store

Welcoming a new born t-shirt online store YemaYema! Created by an Atlanta girl Mercedes Crespo a.k.a Yema on March 2010, YemaYema offers us its great urban designs. Started as an Illustrator, Yema made stickers and trading them with the flickr members until she had courage to jump on t-shirt business and created YemaYema.

YemaYema, as Crespo said, is about craziness here and there. She wanted to integrate her obsession of character design and tees to form the most fun and crazy little brand out there.

Since the store opened, YemaYema has 8 gorgeous urban designs you should have. Here I show you two newest YemaYema’s design. Since Yema’s specialty is in urban designs, the title Urban Yema ($15.00) is absolutely matched. This tee was created as an inspiration and admiration for graffiti and urban culture.

And who ever thought that Wotto – Craig Watson has joined Yema? Here he is designing Wotto Yema ($15.00) for all of YemaYema’s fans! This is the perfect collaboration between two great artists that are known for awesome character design into one killer tee!

It is seen that those two designs are urban tees designs that seen from its simple color selection but striking character design, that attract urban teens to wear.  Both t-shirts are printed on American Apparel 100% cotton shirt.

Interested? You can see all the YemaYema’s collection here and pick your favorite urban tee!



3 comments on “Introducing YemaYema, a New Urban T-shirt Store”

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  2. Good job best web site thanks.

  3. Petra says:

    Wow i love her job !!! may be you coudl visit this fanpage too they have good things too

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