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No Micky, It’s Killa Ghostface

2k by gingham tee shirt killa ghost face ashley anderson

Ashley Anderson, an artist living in in Atlanta, GA with specialty in fine art application of discarded/forgotten imagery, especially imagery from early videogames — share to me her latest  shirt design which began as an idle sketch, is a bizarre combination of Disney, Dia de Los Muertos, NFL, and Wu-Tang!

Think of it as a psychedelic rotting skull of childhood, but with more wonder than the usual rotting skull of childhood. The innerspaces of the design are populated with an odd cast of office workers, ducks, homicidal highschool jock cats, and of course ghosts! *more detail of ther artwork: over here*

buy: Killa Ghostface T-shirt at 2K by Gingham  ($20) / Ashley Blog




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    Really awesome looking shirt!

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    Where can you buy this t-shirt i have been looking everywhere

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