Port Noonan Yacht Club

Port Noonan Yacht Club  cover up tee shirt vintage apparel clothing

Port Noonan Yacht Club is one of the smoothest cover up tee shirt I’ve ever seen. Designed by Alex Rinker a.k.a the guy at The General’s Surplus and creative worker of digital agency called Ted Perez + Associates.

More story about this tee:
The Port Noonan Yacht Club served as Ted’s operations post and primary watering hole during his short-lived tenure as director of the ’68 Elihu Smails Regatta. Ted resigned with authority and honor after a sternly worded altercation with the regatta’s founder following an impromptu officer’s party he and Al Czervik of Yonkers, New York threw on the eve of the race that by all accounts was unforgettable more for its unabashed debauchery as its introduction of livestock aboard the Yacht Club’s flagship “THE FLYING WASP”.

Buy: Port Noonan Yacht Club T-shirt ($25)/ General's Surplus



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