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Outcry Apparel, A reflection of Lara Hanlon

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She is Lara Hanlon, 20 years old and currently studying Design in Visual Communication at IADT Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland. Art has always been a big part of her life, especially illustration and photography. While there many reasons for a graphic artists to get into t-shirt design, it was the idea of someone giving ‘life’ to a piece of her art, instead of having a nice print or drawing tucked away in someones bedroom.

“There is also something really nice and satisfying about wearing an original artwork, be it band t-shirts, illustrator t-shirts or independent clothing brands,” as she said to me.

Outcry Apparel: Website / Online Store / Facebook / Twitter

OUTCRY has literally just launched so I don’t expect to be posting orders out by the hundreds, well, not just yet! I need to focus on spreading OUTCRY’s name, building upwards and outwards from the bottom. If one person a day likes what they see well then that’s a start.

“…I genuinely hope that anyone who comes across OUTCRY enjoys my artwork and what is on offer. Fingers crossed you will see more of OUTCRY as time goes on and who knows what is in store for us.” she ended.



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