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WearingSocial™ is (Express + Socialize) x Wear

So, here we have another way to get our own unique tee shirts, it’s called WearingSocial™. Not only wants to create our very unique tee but it will also create a new way to express ourselves and socialize.

It believers that what we wear reflects who we are. WearingSocial™ allows you to integrate your social media lives into your tee shirt. The “how” is not the video explanation above, and some words from the guys at WearingSocial™

Now imagine wearing a t-shirt made up of your friends’ profile pictures or allowing someone to friend you just by wearing a shirt. The stylish designs allow Facebookers to share details about their profile and friends, while Tweeters can show off their handle. Once you’ve previewed your t-shirt, share it through your social media to earn an instant discount on your purchase. Why not bring the virtual world to reality by wearing your identity?

Question is would WearingSocial™ be a one-hit-wonder or long-time-favorite? We’ll see.

WearingSocial™ : Website 



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