Finally, a T-shirt to summarize one of my favorite internet meme ever, the “Y U NO” Guy. Since the angry guy — with his full of frustration and rage facial expressione found in Gantz’ Chapter 55: Naked King, originally released in February 2002 (English version, June 2009) — become internet meme, I always think that the tee version is a must.

I agree that NerdyShirts printed it in white clean tee shirt without the “Y U NO” so that we can add our own text to the shirts. Ha!

Buy: Y U NO Angry T-shirt ($14.99) / NerdyShirts / Facebook / Twitter

FYI about this meme, the original form of “Y U NO” phrasal template was first posted via LOLTumblrWallpapers, which gained over 10,000 reblogs & likes on Tumblr — and has been recently put into billboard ads and magazines in German print ad for the videogame Driver San Francisco and Hipchat.

On the other side of the world like Lybia and other places, it’s used to ask (or rather request) the government: Y U NO!?

Reference: KnowYourMeme.com



One comment on “Dude, Y U NO BUY THIS TEE!?”

  1. Rohan Advani says:

    haha love this one!!! finally got printed !!!

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