Multi-Cultural tee shirt Label with promise to ‘Wow’

carte postale tee shirts design sesame street thriller halloween africa

I have some reasons to call Carte Postale as a multi-cultural tee shirt label. First, the name Carte Postale is actually French for Postcard, while it’s actually run by duo Hakim Philip who is originally from Monaco (but lived 10 years in Japan before moving to Singapore) and Singaporean-based Artist / Designer Anwar Rafiee.

Secondly, with duo language website (English & French) and international pop-culture design like Sesame Street Thriller (awesome for Halloween!) and Mummy’s Dummy and another that touches the heart of third world countries like Re: Draw Afrika, it tries to conquer the make the mark in international scene. I believe that its Debut collection can give you some ideas of diversity in Carte Postale’s imagination.

Carte Postale: Website / Facebook / Twitter

But I really want to know how they can keep on promise to ‘wow’ us from the moment you receive their package, up to the moment we wear their tees. Hakim’s passion for art and packaging is really something I want to prove!

It’s currently giving away tote bags, postcards and badges when you purchase selected tee shirts, make sure you don’t miss it!

carte postale tee shirts design night safari singapore
carte postale tee shirts design re draw africa
carte postale tee shirts design night safari singapore





2 comments on “Multi-Cultural tee shirt Label with promise to ‘Wow’”

  1. Future Label says:

    Carte Postale are great, I’m pitching for hoodies next!

  2. Kyle says:

    The shirt designs seem to be pretty cool, I hope they are able to keep the promise and wow us.

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