Hello Fresco: Let’s be Funky Two T-shirts at a time

Everything you need to know about Hello Fresco can be summarized into this sentence:

Freshly designed, optimistic, funky tees for your torso, randomly released two at a time!

Started in Brisbane, Australia and ship its tee shirts to any part of the world, Hello Fresco was started as clothing label with speciality in releasing two optimistic tees at random & to make your selection-time simpler than ever.

Hello Fresco: Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter

The philosophy simply is to stand up from the crowd that always gives us hard time to decide exactly what it is we want (in the world where there are so many options to purchase!). Hello Fresco believes that a couple of clean, with minimalist-design, tee shirts at random and to make choosing simple is what makes shoppers’ life better.

It regularly, but slowly, releases next tee shirts collection (two at a time) and continually inrease a number of collection as ideas arise. What about the guy with the beard? I’m not sure either.

Just ordered a tee shirt from Hello Fresco, let me see how good its tee!



3 comments on “Hello Fresco: Let’s be Funky Two T-shirts at a time”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting, but the “Hello Fresco” logo on every shirt makes this a non-starter for me.

  2. Tv Replay75 says:

    Don`t like the designs of this 3 T-shirts so much!  I`ve seen much better on your blog.

  3. Excellent designs and cool colors. I love the idea of funky logos and faces.. 

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