Ask Me About My Moustache and My #Movember Tees

movember tee shirts apparel clothing moustacheNovember is coming shortly. What’s your Movember wardrobe? Don’t tell me you run out of awesome tee shirts to celebrate with our fellow mustache connoisseurs — because that will be very sad.

Ask Me About My Moustache, Face Grown and I Heart Mo ~ are the amazingly new shirts from Fuzzy Ink, continuing its last year’s partnership with the fantastic Movember Foundation that could be your fashion savior. And yes, these are certified “Movember” $5 from each sale will be donated to the Movember Foundation!

What’s next? Let them grow!

FuzzyInk: Ask Me About My Moustache($22)/ Face Grown($22)/ I Heart Mo($26)



2 comments on “Ask Me About My Moustache and My #Movember Tees”

  1. Alderina says:

    Cute banget sih ini #Movember :P

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