Seventh.Ink’s 4TH ANNIVERSARY Comes in Combo Set. It’s So Rawrrr!!!!

The poster you see here really remind me of Aslan, the “Great Lion,” widely known central figure in The Chronicles of Narnia movie by C. S. Lewis.

I’m not saying this design it’s copycat and really, as you know, lion’s face taken from straight from the front has become a symbol of power covered  in gentle manner but can be dangerous (in a good and bad way). Many artists have taken it as inspiration for their artworks. And Seventh.Ink has done it just awesome with its 4TH ANNIVERSARY poster that comes together when you buy the tee for $50.

Too bad there are only 50 of these sets were made (tee shirts and posters). Good for us, each poster is hand numbered and signed by the artist with metallic silver ink. Who’s the artist? That’s my question too.

Seventh.Ink: 4th Anniversay Combo Set ($50) / Website / Facebook / Twitter



3 comments on “Seventh.Ink’s 4TH ANNIVERSARY Comes in Combo Set. It’s So Rawrrr!!!!”

  1. Howdy folks! Matthew Johnson here, artist/owner behind Seventh.Ink. Although the lion may resemble the cover of the Narnia book mentioned above, it was actually done freehand with a photographic reference. I didn’t intend for it to resemble Aslan, but I suppose I can see how it does. Lions are awesome, plain and simple!

    1. Rangga says:

      cannot agree more with you! :)

      Aslan was what cross my thought when I see this but as you said, lions are awesome and it can be everywhere

  2. custom t-shirt says:

    Very detailed and creative!

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