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Tee Shirts that stands for ” Change Rests on You”

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When Threaded Type creates a tee shirt, it has to stand for something. It’s not exception for the latest Power of C.R.Y (Change Rests on You) tee shirt that stands for individuals should do more of making a change. And I can’t think any better word than this:

Some of us never really dig deep within ourselves to realize that we as individuals contain the power to make a change. Whether is speaking your mind, taking a vow of silence for what you believe in, or just simply expressing yourself trough creativity. Exercise what you truly feel will make a change and always remember that Change Rests on You.

Symbols contained in this tee gives you some insight of what the design is trying to convince: tear drop for the “Change Rests on You” statement and the lightning bolt referring to Power that burn the fire.

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  • Anonymous - 17/10/11 - Reply


    I see it as a lightning strike on an egg, which for me means a brainwave before you are born? Am I close?

    • Rangga - 22/10/11 - Reply

      that’s quite close, but an egg? uhmm.. 

  • Wade - 18/10/11 - Reply

    When I first saw the design I was thinking of conservation [Conserve water (the drop) and conserve energy (the lightning bolt)]

  • kids T shirts - 28/10/11 - Reply

    Very nice indeed! Love the style and the context.
    Hope to see more of your works soon. 

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