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Sleep Tight, Don’t Let Sleepy Dan’s Bedbugs Bite

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This rhyme “Night night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite…” has been with us for long time, sending us off to bed in peace when we were little. It was only become nightmare, not only for kids but also for adults, when experts warning of a worldwide bedbug pandemic. Will any of us be able to sleep once we’ve turned out the light?

Here’s the thing, vampire fiction may be all the rage — it’s hard not to mention Twitlight Saga! But the true bloodsuckers after the charming Edward Cullen is surprisingly these tiny insects living in our mattresses, headboards and pillows.

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Yes, the hardly-die bedbugs are back and they’re are not tiny anymore. Sleepless nights with constant anxiety (some of us not realize) are the results, creates a huge amount of emotional stress that shouldn’t be pooh-poohed. Only with Sleepy Dan’s tee we could warn everyone about the danger — and the fun of fighting of our survival on the bed.

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