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The Unofficial Yet Must-Have Tintin T-shirts from RedBubble Designers


The Adventures of Tintin (Les Aventures de Tintin) by Steven Spielberg is a must-watch movie before you meet the end if this year. Lots of surprising actions, amazing scenes and some exceptional moves (and quotes) by Tintin and Mr Haddock — don’t forget Snowy! So glad that the movie has hit Indonesia earlier this month, faster than some countries in region.

Talking about the story, it carefully adapts the classic comic books (by Georges Rémi a.k.a Herge) without letting us guess what will happen next on each scene — even if you’ve read all the Tintin comics.

I believe the reborn of most popular European comics of the 20th century will encourage artists, especially tee shirt designers, to use the young Belgian reporter as inspiration for their upcoming artworks. Just take a look at some that I found (above) on RedBubble, the following is list:

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  1. Hanhan by Glen O’Neill 
  2. TinTin & Pixels by LeedenMoon
  3. Adventure Traveling Since 1929 by Naf4d
  4. Movie Twins – Thom(p)son by MrWhaite
  5. Tintin & Milou by steppuki
  6. Billions of blue blistering barnacles by Naf4d
  7. Thomson & Thompson Detective Agency by Matthew Parsons
  8. Tintin Hipster by fauxtauxgraphy
  9. and (not tee shirt but poster of Tintin and Snowy) by Hugh Freeman
Bonus: Trailer of The Adventures of Tintin

Bonus: Youtube video about RedBubble 




  • Mike Parker - 22/11/11 - Reply

     Han Solo anyone?

    • Rangga - 24/11/11 - Reply

      yay! :D

  • Mens Shirts - 15/12/11 - Reply

    These are very unforgettable designs! I like the humour in place

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