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Create Your Future, That’s 76 Garments’ Mantra

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  • 76 garment tee shirts apparel clothing indie urban vintage

76 Garments is clothing brand that stands proudly for goodness, character, authenticity, and always trying to foster a pioneering spirit. Although recently it’s just recently launched, it believes in old roots, considering the mantra it spells

Do it the Hard Way.
Embrace the Truth.
Be Authentic.
Observe our Past.
Create your Future.

76 Garments: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Which I I trully recognized from the first when I stare at 76 Garments’s starting line. Create Your Future tee, for instance, best worn as a tribute to the principled and persistent men and women who renounce excuses in favor of honest hard work. It’s tee for all risk-takers, dreamers, and doers in the world. Is that you? It’s me indeed.

Then we have Absolute T-shirt which believes in the true meaning of justice and Do It The Hard Way T-shirt, a vintage-style tee crafted with intention to remind us that easy way out won’t cut it. At the end of the day, like what 76 Garments’ said on its website:

Embracing the truth means wearing it on your sleeve, chest, or wherever our shirts are emblazoned with uncompromising principles. Embracing the truth means rising above the politics and the status quo to sink your teeth into the heart of an issue.




  • Mike Parker - 18/11/11 - Reply

    Great designs and message.  Very poetic.

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