Black Summer is Based On The Evil Side of the Summer Solstice

2 Many Printers doesn’t make a memorable name but it has some really good tees. It was established in Jan 2011 and started as a screen printing company but decided the direction for the company was to go towards tee shirts and collaborate with upcoming and known artists, it incorporates many different styles of work.

Many of the artist’s they work with include the likes of Victor Hachmang and Danish graffiti artist Husk Mit Navn who’s work consists of cartoon characters that depict life around Denmark, we are also proud to work with a collective based in England called Panther Club, which includes Viktor Hachmang, Jiro Bevis, Michael Willis, Lindsey Gooden and many more talented creatives. These guys have worked for the likes of Urban Outfitters, Six Pack France to produce some great products for these companies and currently are producing 2 Many Printers collection “Black Summer” which is based on the evil side of the summer solstice.

2 many Printers: Website / Facebook / Twitter

We are also looking towards the future when it comes to working with creatives to produce Limited Handmade products such as Bags, Zines, Shirts & of course New tee Collections.



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    Being creative is necessary in making t-shirt designs. T-shirt are best to wear especially during summer.

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