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Human Head & Brain, Computer, Pine tree, and a Light Bulb

store-symbols-navy-firefly  environment tee shirts apparelJeff Lobdell of Firefly explained to me the philosopy of four symbols — human head & brain, computer, pine tree, and a light bulb — that represent something. The head means humanity, while the computer represents technology (or anything man-made). On the other hand, the tree represents the environment and the light bulb represents thoughts, ideas, creativity or anything intangible.

“The importance of these four is to make it a point that we need to focus on these areas and keep improving,” he said.

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We have to work on our selves, improve our lives and learn to become better people and optimize life for all.¬†We need to embrace technology and the future without destroying environment and nature because this is where we live, we must be responsible. Lastly, let’s use our brains and think how are we going to inspire others and spread new ideas, new ways of thinking.

So, what’s your 2012 promise?

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    keren… efek glow in the dark…

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