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You’ve Got HelloFresco, Congrats!

Congrats to Cottonable two readers JTN & JackieC who participated in Cottonable x HelloFresco shout contest! If you remember, last month we did a shout contest, asked you readers to shout the following sentence in complete form “There should only be _____________ in the world, because/so that _______________” 

And these are their answers:

JTN: There should only be equal economic distribution, so the givers can still live decently, and the receivers can receive proper aid.

Or … there should only be one gaming console in the world, because we wouldn’t have to spend more money buying all three expensive systems, or face the annoyance of online arguments of which one’s the best.

JackieC: There should only be magnanimous people in the world, so that humankind would stop pilfering each other and begin to contribute to the best interests of our current situations.

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If you’re think life is cruel because it doesn’t let you win awesome tee shirts like HelloFresco, don’t worry because there will be other contests waiting for you.

Meanwhile, check out two new tee shirts from HelloFresco: Box Eye and YoYo




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