Good (and Bad) Things Come in Groups. Let’s Give to Groups that Do Good

If you’re wondering when will owls hang out together take over the parliament or why ferrets are fun, but when a group of them get together it’s all business — you have to give Gaggle of Tees a few seconds to change your perception on how small groups can thrive to make big impacts.

The shirts are based on the idea that groups of animals have cool names – a group of crows is called a murder of crows, a group of owls is called a parliament of owls, etc. With 10% of anything you buy at Gaggle of Tees donated to do-good foundations, you know how good it works. Just make sure you pick the right tee for yourself

Gaggle of Tees: Website



3 comments on “Good (and Bad) Things Come in Groups. Let’s Give to Groups that Do Good”

  1. Jks0317 says:

    Heck ya! These tees are super sweet! Sleuth! Ferret! Bear! Hooray

    1. Rangga says:

      great you love it! :D

  2. Mike Parker says:

    Wow.  I didn’t know a group of owls was a parliament.  Makes you wonder about what we have in congress.

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