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An Interview with danot: “When I draw I feel happy”

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Dhanny a.ka. danot is an Indonesian-based graphic designer and illustrator with unique style on human and animals that goes fun-wild with his own fantasy. Last month, I interviewed the designer that has designed for Graniph and currently re-building its own tee shirt label. Here’s the summary 

[Rangga]: First thing first, tell me about your daily activities? Is it all about drawing and drawing?

[danot]: I fill my day not only with drawings. I only draw when i got something in my mind that I want to express. But recently, I try to be more discipline to do a daily drawing to improve myself and my skill.

[R]: When did you draw for the first time and finally decide to focus on this field? What makes you believe that “this is what I want to do”?

[d]: When i was a kid, i really interested in drawing, and sometimes I get punished by my parent because I did my drawing in the wall. drawing is always be my favorite lesson in school. I took a graphic design as my major in college so that i can keep drawing, as well as learning another things that are related in design.

When I draw I feel happy, because for me there is no right or wrong in drawing. I’m free to express anything by drawing.

Danot: Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter

iam danot interview graphic artist illustrator indonesia graniph 2

[R]: So, your work are mostly inspired by your childhood about your interest in human and animals. What is it about human and animals that inspire you the most and influence your artworks?

[d]: Since I was a little boy my parent often brought me an animals to be taken care of. So I did a lot of interaction with them and I become aware of other living things beside human, that should live in harmony with us. I hate that people think that they are the greatest living things so that they can easily abused animal. The only uniqueness that distinguishes human from animal is that human have an intelligence.

That’s why human is more civilized and superior than animals. With their intelligence and mind human can control and maintain the animal behavior.

[R]: Tell me about your collaboration with Graniph!

[d]: I think this collaboration with graniph is a little bit lucky, because at that time i was really interested in character and toys design. so I just try to submit what i drew and they approved it.

[R]: Haha, but when did you started your own T-shirt shop? Who are you working with to make it happen and how is it going so far?

[d]: I started in 2008 but it doesn’t went well, and in 2011 I try to rebuild it. Actually until now I don’t have a shop. I just sell them online.

Honestly is running slow right now because there a lot of things to manage and I work alone. I feel happy when people love and appreciate my design.

[R]: What else do you do other than drawing?

[d]: I do freelance for graphic design. I’m also running a shoes brand with my friends named “davu” shoes.

[R]: Awesome, I think I forget to ask you this: What else, beside animals, that inspire your artworks? Do you have favorite artists that (in any way) influence the way you draw?

[d]: Actually beside animals I have many influences and inspirations like childhood memories,
my life experience, and many artist, books, exhibition that i read and see.
Some of my favorite artist are Gary Baseman, Kozyndan, Andrew Rae, Agus Suwage, Eko Nugroho,
Dali, Frida Kahlo, Alex Gross, Nate Frizzell, Marion Peck and many more.

[R]: That’s it, thanks, dan!

[d]: You’re welcome :D




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    This is good to get to the bottom of what it is that inspires a t-shirt designer. I am intrigued by the perogative behind the work.

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