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Social + T-shirt, Is This the Latest Hype?

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I found WearingSocial a couple of months ago and just recently someone told me another similar service called SocialWear. But what they do exactly? They’re very similar with print-on-demand services such as Cafepress, Zazzle or Spreadshirt with add-on service: getting photos from your social network i.e Facebook

In a very simple explanation: The service help you grab photos from your Facebook and let you “design” how it will look on T-shirt (with pre-defined template) and print it for you — all with couple of clicks online.

SocialWear: Website / Facebook / Twitter |
WearingSocial™ : Website / Facebook / Twitter

What makes SocialWear differenct from WearingSocial is that the software on the site then completes the design with more than 20 design style such as a grungy, retro or vintage look. The saturation, colours and contrast of photos can also be amended and filter effects can be applied to transform a facebook photo into a cartoon or a sketch.

Sounds good? Yeah.

I’m just curious how they turn low-quality (compressed) file images for the web to a image for tee shirt printing. Good luck getting yourself dressed more “social”!




  • Socialwear - 17/12/11 - Reply

    Thanks for the article Rannga!

    In response to your query regarding how we replicate Facebook photos on tees, i wanted to let you and your readers know a little bit more about our process.

    Direct To Garment print technology, speciality inks and bespoke software on the Socialwear site mean that the majority of photos from Facebook can be replicated very well onto t-shirts.  

    If images are too low res for print, these are flagged as unusable by the site.  Some poor quality mobile phone shots (taken on older phones, for example, would be flagged as low res by the site and you’d be asked to use an alternative photo.)  

    Desktop upload will be available before the year is out so if people have a photo that’s not on their Facebook profile, they’ll be able to upload it from their desktop instead.  We’ll be uploading more designs regularly, so keep an eye out for new tees!

    Happy designing!


    • rangga - 19/12/11 - Reply

      awesome, that’s brilliant solution.

      thanks for answering :)

  • Mike Parker - 21/12/11 - Reply

    Very interesting concept.  Again, just another step towards personalizing everything about our worlds.  Awesome.

    • rangga - 22/12/11 - Reply

      you’re right :)

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