“Live With No Regrets”, says 11:11 APPAREL

What do you do at the age of 15? You either a skateboard’s hipster, Nintendo geek or nerdy bookworm with a huge spectacles. But for Heather Tunches, it was the time to start a company that focus on clothing label — 11:11 APPAREL.

Her inspiration came from her core beliefs and I wanted to share those beliefs with others through positive messages on t-shirts and accessories that I felt would appeal to other people. That’s what you see when you saw a T-shirt that saya “Live With No Regrets” and “Live for Moments like These”. Aprt from the positive movement it tries to create, I have a good impression on everything I see on website: Not bad for a 15 years-old girl. What do you think?

11:11 APPAREL: Website / Tumblr



2 comments on ““Live With No Regrets”, says 11:11 APPAREL”

  1. Ioana says:

    One should always live without any regrets! And how should this be heard my many people, if not through outfits? Good post!

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