“Leoni di Marmo” Means Through The Cosmos, The Time, The Matter and The Vision

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I don’t understand a single heck about illuminati and the theory of conspiratorial organization that mastermind almost of all events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to establish a New World Order.

In a second, I thought BORO’s new collection entitled “Leoni di Marmo” has something to do with illuminati but it convinces me the four elements actually has different meanings: 1) The Cosmos, through the light, goes beyond the Time 2) The Time, through the memory, blows into the matter 3) The matter, through the gaze, splits herself out in: vision, perception and dream 4) The vision, the perception and the dream, through the symbols, solder themselves, becoming the image of the Cosmos.

Confused? Don’t be, just wear!

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  • Ioana - 08/02/12 - Reply

    I love the printings! Where can I get one from? 

    • Rangga - 19/02/12 - Reply

      you get it here: http://www.brandboro.com/

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