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Have You Opened Your Eyes?

A tee shirt from Dress Royale illustrates capitalims in a very cynical way.

Some people agree that global capitalism isn’t working for the American middle class, it makes multinational companies more productive, but the benefits are mostly being enjoyed by the C-suite. The middle class, meanwhile, is struggling to find work, and many of the jobs available are poorly paid.

In recent article I read — Michael Spence, the recipient of the Nobel Prize in economic sciences put this way: “Multinational companies,” he said, “are doing exactly what one would expect them to do. The resulting efficiency of the global system is high and rising. So there is no market failure.” Spence is telling us that global capitalism is working the way it should, but that the American middle class is losing out anyway. Since global capitalism is the best way we’ve come up with so far to run our economy, it then creates quite a dilemma.

So what are we going to do? As I do my own little business here, I’m confident that multinational companies won’t be my next (or last) destination but only to step forward on my own.

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