Jolly Good Brew! Edward Teabelly Brings You Hot Tea… and Fresh T-shirts

Inspiration for tee shirt design could eventually from every day life — you see moustache and someone already made tee shirt about it, and so TV shows, famous quotes, politics and so on.

Our friend, Mr. Dave Young, even came up with tee shirt brand that inspired by his obsession with tea and his middle name, that’s why he created indie T-shirt brand called Edward Teabelly not along ago, on 1st Dec 2011.

The brands mixes together his passion for pop culture, fashion, movies and my addiction to the hot beverage, tea, among a multitude of other things, which helps Mr. Teabelly brings to life some fun and often strange concepts. It’s like Johnny Cupcakes without a cupcakes but tea.

Edward Teabelly: Website



4 comments on “Jolly Good Brew! Edward Teabelly Brings You Hot Tea… and Fresh T-shirts”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m thinking I’ll have to get my boss that “Jolly Good Brew” tee… it’s his favourite mantra. 

    1. Rangga says:

      hahaha, that’s good idea

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