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Eight Wonder Tee Makes Me Wonder

Founder and Designer of Vogink, Ralph James, told me about the concept and philosphy behind this Eight Wonder Tee. (Eighth Wonder Tee) is to draw a symbolic comparison to the Eighth Wonders of the world.

Vogink’s hope is that people will think of this design as simple in it’s appeal — but see it with an artistic eighth wonder eye. The ultimate goal was to create the perfect parallel between mystic & simple.

But, what do you see here?

Can you draw the line between Great Wall of China or The Taj Mahal and the perfect parallel between mystic & simple that excite you?

The idea behind Vogink itself, like I heard quite often from new “teeshirtpreneur”, is to create excitement with designs that truly reflected founder’s personality and style.

Vogink: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr

As, Ralph James put it on the site,

before I put any design on the market I ask myself, “would I actually buy this design myself?” I feel approaching my work in that mindset keeps me excited with anticipation of creating the next fresh thing. Our goal at Vogink is to create unique, quality designs that will make you proud to have our brand become a part of your life in some way.

The mindset is. First for yourself, next for the rest of the world.




  • Bruce - 22/01/12 - Reply

    It is true, those who CREATE show endearment for their creations. To what degree one elevates the relevance and aesthetics of their own creation varies from artist to artist. Likewise, to what degree observers and critics elevate an artist’s creation varies as well. In the 8th wonder design the artist sees mystic simplicity. The beauty of all creations is that we are allowed to see it for what it is (to us). Art is subjective. Our relationship with it is more than personal. Like a new mother who has just given birth to a newborn babe, she marvels at every finger and every toe stumbling upon unique and special characteristics that make her proclaim to all the world how remarkable her GIFT to us is. While in the eyes of the cynic it’s just another baby, not some great wonder. I wonder how many mothers would argue that she deserves her moment? In fact, we expect all mothers to marvel and hold ther creation (children) in high esteem. I believe artists of any kind should be held to the same standard. They should determine for themselves the greatness of their work and leave others to appreciate it (or not). As the designer says, he “hopes” others will see it with an 8th wonder eye. He should. I expect no less admiration of his own creation from him or any other artist / “teeshirtpreneur”.


    • Rangga - 19/02/12 - Reply

      well said, Bruce.

  • Ioana - 03/02/12 - Reply

    This T-shirt looks so eco! I like the green it has!

    • Rangga - 19/02/12 - Reply

      good to know that you like it :D

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