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T-shirt Quest 4 Violence “Anatomy of a Hostile Mind”

Cultural Urge is a tiny clothing label by Sebastian who was born in in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew in Australia to where he is still based today. His childhood was spent enjoying cartoons and fictitious worlds were key inspirations that sculpted his interests.

He then picked vocational study through various institutions over the many years in the fields of Fine Arts, Print Production and Graphic Design before began study as an apprentice at the Sydney Institute of Technology and CGC College of East Sydney where he finalized his qualifications as a Graphic Designer.

Cultural Urge is the label he started recently and produce a few tees that amaze me like Quest 4 Violence “Anatomy of a Hostile Mind” — which then I asked him a question behind the outstanding arty tee. Short interview I conducted to find out more about this tee as well as broad concept of Cultural Urge

[Rangga]: What does this T-shirt Quest 4 Violence “Anatomy of a Hostile Mind” means to you?

[Sebastian]: A profound snapshot into a broken society. This narrative depicts how entry into the world through a corrosive environment can lead to a life of violence, crime and destruction of oneself. Death is what is offered if no other path is pursued. Symbolic imagery is detailed throughout the babies bodies to support this. The hand morphed into a skull also supports this dark theory.

Cultural Urge: Website / Facebook / Twitter

[R]: I saw a form of face in there, how about that?

[S]: The face is illustrated with tattooed tears to symbolise ” The Prison System”. My intentions essentially is not to tell the story but rather for the viewer to create their own philosophical interpretation of components contained within this unapologetic and confronting art piece.

[R]: What’s your influence, apart from your formal study?

[S]: I grew up skateboarding, listening to Metal, Hip Hop, 60’s Rock etc, hence the name “Cultural Urge”. The Tees reflect what I want wear and what my friends want to wear and some people may call that a “Target Market”.

[R]: Tell me a little bit more about Cultural Urge, what’s the philosphy?

[S]: I strive to create art on tees that are lightly branded, individually themed and styled. Placing focus onto the art itself is paramount. The artwork is mostly hand drawn and then worked over digitally to create an effective screen printed piece that is unique and surreal.

[R]: Who did the works behind it? 

[S]: Cultural Urge clothing has a handcrafted appeal unlike any other label. I draw, design and screen print all the artworks myself keeping it inhouse as much as possible. The Tees are of fine cotton allowing me to execute very fine halftone detail and the tees themselves are comfortable to wear.

[R]: Ok, then. Thanks!

[S]: You’re welcome.

*That’s it. Don’t forget to check the tee shirts from Cultural Urge and more artworks from Sebastian!




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