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Tumblogging & Tee Shirts Daily, Another Way for T-shirt Blogging

  • tumblr tee shirts daily screenshot blog
  • tumblr tee shirts daily screenshot blog

Happy new year, everyone!

Starting this year, I’d love to talk about my new interest, “tumblogging”. Yes it is super-fun. I first started about 2-3 years ago and but finally got myself addicted to it just when I started to get serious with Tee Shirts Daily in August 2011.

Reblogging” and “Like-ing” photos on Tumblr is awesome time-waster and I think I had created T-shirt blog like no ever started before. Instead of talking about products and discounts by online store and clothing labels, my blog’s focal point is about the “moment” of individuals wearing their tee — and the story behind it as you guess by yourself.

There are other tumblogs I created like Porteefolio (about men’s fashion) and Cottonable.org (about tee shirt design) but not ready yes as I still look for to add some type contents and change the layout/theme. But surely I will spend more time tumblogging

Do you have blog on tumblr.com? Do let me know so I can follow you!

Or perhaps you prefer hang out at Weheartit.com? I do have an account over there as well!




  • Anonymous - 12/01/12 - Reply

    Great! “Tumblogging”… Now I know what it is to call my favourite past time. 

    • Rangga - 19/02/12 - Reply

      thanks :)

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