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10 Loveliest T-shirts Ever Printed by Zombietshirts.pl

Zombietshirts.pl is a tee shirts & clothing shop brought to the world by Polish illustrators and artists. Not so surprising, it also has also competition for designers with every three months, best design wins the 1000 PLN (equal to approx. $330). So far, they have managed to acquire several very famous and talented Polish illustrators. As the collection grows, I decided to have my list of 10 Loveliest T-shirts Ever Printed by Zombietshirts.pl — here it goes: 

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Gore Flakes” T-shirt by Lui a.k.a Luiza Kwiatkowsk

Lis” T-shirt by r5 a.k.a Rafal Szczepaniak

Shitday” T-shirt by Zombie

El Hombre Morte” T-shirt by Grzegorz Teszbir

Where?!” T-shirt by AdaBuchholc

Music” T-shirt by r5 a.k.a Rafal Szczepaniak

Plonacy zombie T-shirt” by r5 a.k.a Rafal Szczepaniak

Ziema” T-shirt by r5 a.k.a Rafal Szczepaniak

Zombie Inside” T-shirt by Destylator a.k.a Lukasz Dudasz

Vege” T-shirt by Slimaq a.k.a Ola Woldanska-Plocinska

Which one is your favorite? Tell me!




  • ITV player - 22/02/12 - Reply

    I love the one with cereals. Also, I saw once a T-Shirt on a guy (he was kind of fat), saying: “I won anorexia”. :D

    • Rangga - 25/02/12 - Reply

      seriously? :)

  • Glodny7 - 25/02/12 - Reply

    wow! cool t-shirts!

    • Rangga - 26/02/12 - Reply

      haha yeah :)

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