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The Calvin and Hobbes Mashups Tee Shirts

  • Big Bang Theory Leonard and Sheldon taking Leonards (season 1) Volvo out for a spin
  • John Connor taking a spin on the Fatboy picked up by Terminator 2 t-shirt
  • Harry Potter and Dumbledore take the Nimbus 2000 out for a spin t-shirt
  • Battlestar meets Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt
  • Ghost Busters done in Calvin and Hobbes Style t-shirt
  • Jessie and Mr White in their Winnebago t-shirt
  • Back to the Future  Calvin and Hobbes Mashup T-shirt

Steve Harris of Bluebutter designs everything about pop culture tees with contemporary and retrospective reference to movies, tv, gaming, art and literature. As the designer he try to look at a movie and give it a twist. One of design collection that caught my eyes (and already blogged by some tees bloggers) is The Calvin and Hobbes Mashups. I love the idea to see Back to the Future or Batman in a cute and familiar way — the The Calvin and Hobbes-alike. Steve told me that he loved Calvin and Hobbes as a kid, and couldn’t resist the opportunity to use this style as a format for movie and tv culture.

Bluebutter: Website

Here it goes, whole range of The Calvin and Hobbes Mashups Tee Shirts after this…



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