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The Human-universe Paradox

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Enclothe‘s Paradox is a hell good tee shirt with illustration that speaks about human-universe paradox unsurely. Through this tee shirt, perhaps, Jerry Maninang has something to be spoken quietly about¬†characteristics of human behaviour. It’s about the vast majority of people in the world today that are failing to achieve their full potential, happiness, wealth, health and desires through a complete lack of understanding of the way in which the Universe operates — illustrated with nature-life its immutable, perfect, loving way. Damn, too serious for Valentine’s Day!


  • Vintage Graphic Tees - 17/02/12 - Reply

    This is a pretty crazy t shirt design. Would love to feature this on our newsletter!

    • Rangga - 19/02/12 - Reply

      that’s great! tell me more about your stuff, send me an email! :)

  • Karlton Rembert - 17/02/12 - Reply

    Can you please give an advise how we can promote our blog contest so that many will join.  Will appreciate your response

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