When Inspiration Comes from Your Local Launderette

The idea of Cherry Laundry was inspired by 1950s-60s and the love of local launderette. Dan Dewhurts, they guy behind this brand, told me that his local launderette was just down the road from where he live and its like stepping back in time. Although it needed more then a coat of paint over the years it still very clearly embraces its past.

What cool is that, the launderette still has its original soap dispenser on the wall surrounded by some unbelievably cool posters. Stained pine paneling runs around the interior with a solitary fan buzzing in the corner.After all, although this idea is glamorized by Hollywood,  Cherry Laundry love the idea of people talking to each other whilst they wait for their washing.

Cherry Launderette: Website / Facebook



2 comments on “When Inspiration Comes from Your Local Launderette”

  1. Not only are these tees awesome, but the guy who designed them is a cool guy too. Such great graphics!

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