When Sky Is The Limit, Hitler’s Demons Could Be There

Here it goes another Indonesia-based clothing brand that makes me proud as it goes global. SKY International Clothing was started back in 2010 when making its T-Shirt line Debut at Metro Department Store Outlets across Indonesia. The concept of SKY was actually a brainchild of Designer (who prefer not to be mentioned here) from Los Angeles with a vision that the “Sky Is The Limit” when it comes to ideas, design and fashion. Some designs combine today’s and yesterday’s pop culture with illustrated characters likeĀ Pets of Paris and Hitler’s Demons, while the other range is helping you to get attention with creative words-play and jokes.

SKY : Website / Facebook / Twitter

After this, some tee shirts that I really like to have




2 comments on “When Sky Is The Limit, Hitler’s Demons Could Be There”

  1. Ioana Radu says:

    Haha! The one with Hitler is really funny! :D

    1. Rangga says:

      agree with you! :D

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