Caffeine Power, Activated!

Here’s what I thought about caffeine: it may be the best drug of the Internet Age – cheap, legal, and available absolutely everywhere. While it’s strong enough to make you work in the morning, it’s also stimulate brain cells in the hippocampus are stimulated to increase calcium concentration (according to a new study in Japan). For those who complain for fatigue, exhaustion, stress, and insomnia, caffeine-power appears a near perfect antidote when it’s activated.

Buy: Caffeine Power, Activated T-shirt ($28) / 



6 comments on “Caffeine Power, Activated!”

  1. streaming says:

    There are also T-shirts with the chemical solution for coffee. They rule!

    1. I love the hippness of this kind of coffee culture which this represents as seen here. I think this is a cool look and I look forward to seeing what will follow.

  2. 5 on demand says:

    This is for all the coffee addicts! Good idea!

  3. shirts says:

    but you cant hangout drinking tea or coffee. its for the serious occasions.

  4. Coffee addicts out there should wear this one proudly. Needs to activate power, too, when thinking a lot about designs.

    1. Rangga says:

      that’s coffee spirit!

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