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Get Dressed to Kill with Framed

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A new clothing label, named Framed Clothing Co. was born in January 2012 thanks to Brooklyn, New York-based freelance designer, Saxon Campbell. By visualizing inspirational messages (like “Dressed to Kill”), photography, illustrations, and sometimes-humorous themes, on its tee shirts — Framed Clothing is trying to spark at least one interest for each individual that inspired by its collection.

More tee shirts from Framed Clothing… 





  • Ioana Radu - 11/03/12 - Reply

    I love the black guy’s T-shirt! Wanna buy it for my BF :D

    • yayaw - 24/04/12 - Reply

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  • Entreprise Rebmann - 19/03/12 - Reply

    What about the price? Are they expensive? I love all the t-shirts!!!

  • Watch online - 30/03/12 - Reply

    I love the one in the second picture. How much do they cost?

  • Tnsporting90 - 02/06/12 - Reply

    Nice dressed!! I like it.Wow this really inspired me. I want to buy a such type of t shirt.
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful article.

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