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Edward Scissorhands’ Mechanics in Sketch

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If you’re a fan of Tim Burton, you’re probably aware that he likes to draw. Certain sketches stay with him, and provide the genesis of ideas that he explores in detail in his films and other work.

When Burton first drew his iconic character Edward Scissorhands, he had sharper instruments than those seen in the movie, but the emotional thrust remained the same; here was a person who wanted an emotional connection and wanted to be touched, but couldn’t actually be touched because of the sharpness of the instruments — isn’t this a brilliant metaphor for an inability to form close relationships?

You won’t find many t shirts that work on as many levels as this one. It is a beautiful piece of art, an intricate technical illustration and a potent symbol of the central idea in the story of Edward Scissorhands. This is movie geek chic at its very best!




  • t-shirt printing - 27/03/12 - Reply

    This is not just fashion, this is like a work of art and fashion coming together!

  • programmes tv - 29/03/12 - Reply

    Do you deliver in every part of the US? I would like to buy one.

  • streaming - 15/04/12 - Reply

    What about one with Edward’s face? :D

    • Rangga - 13/09/12 - Reply

      gotta think about that!

  • Denise Alva - 19/04/12 - Reply

    Wow that’s some neat design there! gotta agree ~ it’s a work of art and fashion combined

  • Karina - 15/05/12 - Reply

    Love this movie !!

  • Ink Builder - 19/05/12 - Reply

    I like your blog ,you giving very nice and attractive T shirt design and your work is very
    nice, so thanks to you.

  • yougraph.com - 27/05/12 - Reply

    very cool!

  • Jesse - 04/06/12 - Reply

    I like the blueprint aspect of this tee!

  • Jesse - 04/06/12 - Reply

    I like the blueprint aspect of this tee

  • Pirison - 16/06/12 - Reply

    This blog is great. I love T shirt. 

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