5 Tee shirts That Represent Power, Helping Invisible Children

Do you remember my post about Pete Wentz’s “POWER” T-Shirt Design Challenge hosted by MASSCanvas? Five winning designs have been announced for sale. After receiving hundreds of design submissions and votes, 5 tees were  selected the top 5 tees that best represented the theme of “power.”  Only 605 of each design will be made, please don’t ask me where the number come from — that’s my question too. Each tee is uniquely hand-numbered though so make sure you tell me your number once you buy one. $5 of every shirt goes to Invisible Children

Buy: Power Within / Dreams / Farewell My Jellyfish-Flying Friend / Undertow / Know How

Watch the video of Pete announcing the winners



3 comments on “5 Tee shirts That Represent Power, Helping Invisible Children”

  1. These are very much the kind of designs which jump from the shirt from the offset.

  2. I don’t think that some T-shirts could raise the awareness regarding the problems of some suffering children, unfortunately.

  3. streaming says:

    Nice to see that there is such an initiative. I hope it will work!

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