Mighty Humble, Only Working with Designers and Artists They Admire

Mighty Humble believes in the best new talent, in the things they own and wear express something about who they are. For this reason these guys work with exciting new designers and artists they admire to create exclusive artwork for our diverse range of t-shirts.

Mighty Humble, as far as I know, has simply-sophisticated, beautifully designed quality products which are ethically and environmentally sound as they place aesthetics and sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

Mighty Humble t-shirts are hand printed on 100% organic, ethically produced cotton using non-toxic inks and shipped in biodegradable packaging. It strives to be as low impact as possible, while creating something well crafted and lasting which you will want to treasure.

Mighty Humble: Website 



3 comments on “Mighty Humble, Only Working with Designers and Artists They Admire”

  1. bosgoo says:

    Good casual clothes, my style.

  2. bids that give says:

    My favourite was on the back of a bomb disposal expert’s t shirt.

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