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Zamforia’s Euforia of Love in Different Languages

Zamforia, the Quincy-Massachusetts-based streetwear clothing brand, is currently donating a portion of all proceeds from the sale of their Memorial Eagle shirt to the veterans relief foundation known as the Wounded Warrior Project.

The aims is to raise awareness and funds to support injured service members while providing programs and services that educate and meet the needs of injured veterans.

The Wounded Warrior Projects sums it all up quite well with their vision statement, “To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history.”

Zamforia, the story…

It all started when, one day, Olivia drew a picture of the family on a napkin. Jonathan drew it back to her. He added the word ‘love’ in different languages to the empty space. Olivia loved it and told him to make a logo for their new “t-shirt company that was going to say Love in different languages.”
“What? T-shirt company? Love in different languages? Why?” he thought, “Why not.”


“Let’s do something good” they thought, “everyone’s messing up a great thing. Forget that pink and fluffy stuff that people do. Let’s do it right- the way it should be done.”

The first thing Jonathan created was the Love ambigram symbol. An ambigram is a typographical design that reads the same thing upside-down. The Love symbol is reflective of the entire company- turn things upside, see things from another viewpoint, be creative.

To get their first language, they went to a Tibetan restaurant in Boston and asked the waitresses, who wrote it on a napkin. They made the first dozen shirts at a local print shop. Friends, family and fans started buying them. More importantly people loved the idea and wanted more languages. For the duo, the “positive-global” aspect attracted them. “What a great way to start a business,” they thought.

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  • bids that give - 02/09/12 - Reply

    All are funny T shirt , My favourite was on the back of a bomb disposal expert’s t shirt.

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