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50 years after Ringo Starr joined the Beatles

Gui Soares from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was asked for illustration by a rock ‘n roll themed clothing line called Santo Rock.

August 2012 marked the fiftieth anniversary of Ringo Starr joining The Beatles, and therefore the formation of the band proper. The Beatles are the best-selling english work band in history, formed in Liverpool in 1960. The Beatles don’t mean anything to the young people now, but they are still nowadays some people’s all-time favorite band. They are still my Fab Four, just like what this tee is trying to say.

Their success seems to be somehow moving on as years go by. This is largely due to the peaceful messages of their songs, but also for their catchy rhythms and also due to the members’ controversial lives and personalities. And that doesn’t change the fact that they are big. And legendary, and legends aren’t made by playing it safe. Legends aren’t made from modest successes. Legends are made by grabbing hold of their songwriting, which everyone has underestimates back then, and riding it for everything it’s worth.




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