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Caps Lock, Preventing Login Since 1980

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One of the more annoying aspects of having to remember password is that if you’ve got Caps Lock turned on accidentally when you type one in, it won’t work, and you won’t know why. Sucks.

Most desktop computers alert you in some way if you’re trying to enter your password to log on and you’ve enabled Caps Lock, but some computer often interpret your correct password just because the caps lock key is on when it shouldn’t be. Confusing.

So my best advice to you, check your Caps Lock — better if you can pull-away the button. Seriously. Perhaps, you can wear this tee shirt to warn the world if necessary.

One horrible facts: Caps Lock known for being a public enemy as its misuse (or rather overdose) by 15-year-old naive users, and (d’oh!) trolls not forget to mention.



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