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Custom Helvetica Tee shirt with No Bullshit

What do the brands MUJI, AGFA, SAAB, IBM, Oral B, BMW, Staples, Kawasaki and Panasonic have in common? Their logos are all designed in the Helvetica typeface, which can be seen virtually everywhere: in print, on the web, in the news and even in the movies (you know, there is a moviel titled Helvetica. A must see!). Since its release in 1957, Helvetica has steadily been one of the most popular typefaces.

Think of the 60’s era and its advertising. What comes to mind? Style? Slick designs? Clean lines? That’s due in large part to Max Miedinger and his Helvetica font design.

Even today, this is one of theworld’s most popular fonts. Helvetica, developed in 1957 by Max Miedinger and Edüard Hoffmann for the Haas Type Foundry in Switzerland. Helvetica swept through the design world in the ’60s and became synonymous with modern, progressive, cosmopolitan attitudes. With its friendly, cheerful appearance and clean lines, it was universally embraced for a time by both the corporate and design worlds as a nearly perfect typeface to be used for anything and everything.

The rise of different media forms and the modern advertising industry increased the need for a readable, easily displayed typeface. Overused to the point of exhaustion for some, considered classic and utilitarian by others, Helvetica soon found its way to prominence in forms, signs, logos and ads around the world.

Helvetica literally affect visual culture – and our lives. Chances are that you yourself will have used Helvetica to create a document, or that you have come across it when reading signs and billboards in cities around the world.

“When in doubt, use Helvetica” was a common rule, and Helvetitee will helping you to getting your message across  in Helvetica Neue (with no bullshit!) that’s being printed using vinyl onto a Gildan tee. Think of a message. Type it out. Order.




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