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Eco-friendly with Dusty Paw

Over the past year Dom Desmond have set up an ethical, organic t-shirt company called Dusty Paw. It sells 30% organic cotton / 70% Organic Bamboo fibre Fair Wear T-shirts with unique, illustrated designs printed with eco-friendly ink.

Dusty Paw tarted with an idea

To open peoples eyes to new and exciting artists who desperately need a platform from which to showcase their talent.

It believes in its ability to exhibit that amazing work on any old T-shirt. Thus only the softest, best fitting and most innovative tees are chosen: The one that’s made from bamboo. Panda – eat your heart out. What about the silly names? Dusty Paw, named after an incident involving my Jack Russel, a pile of mud and a white t-shirt.



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