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Edward Scissorhands on Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

It’s hard to figure out what Tim Burton was thinking when creating the Edward Scissorhands character in a movie that mix horror, comedy, romance and fairytale. And yet, Edward, regarded as the main character, is an innocent, quietly shy and very gentle character with scissor for hands that makes him mistaken for a amonster.

And this brave little kid (as you see on this tee) knew that Edward problem was that he was too predictable at a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Edward, has never been a good player but this kid — you know — Edward can literally erase thos smug on his face. Remember, you can anytime ask him to play Rock-Paper-Scissors but may never get another chance to play it again …or seeing your hands again. *evilgreen + horror music backsound (please!)*

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