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“Escape Key”, to Escape The Life You Can’t Stand Anymore

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There’s very important philosophy behind the design of this tee. Being trapped in life is horrible, it is horrible when you can not make any significant changes in life. And sometimes you feel that you have so many problems and worries that it just overwhelmed you. One minute, your life is normal. Then something beyond your control happens, your world gets all shook up. Then you get feelings that everything is wrong and you need to change everything, your job, your relationship, where you live, everything!

On computer, the ESC (escape) key is quite a convenient and useful one. And sometimes you feel you need one, to escape the life you can’t stand anymore. But if we have that esc key just like computers, if the whole human in the world was have that, things would fall apart quickly.

Because hard times in life give us strength, even if at first it seems like all they did was beat us to near death. But, if you want your life to change for the better you have to make bold strides. Well, its hard to do that. Nothing is easy when you are feeling down. You have no control over the event specific to you, but you do have the power to decide how to deal with it. Take it from me, you’ve had a lot to cope with but with time and patience, believe that you can emerge from the period of uncertainty you’re experiencing now.

“if you love life, life will love you back”

Arthur Rubinstein (Polish-American classical pianist).




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