It’s Time to Prove, A Man with Mustache is Super Sexy

DCXV_20Spring_7CSummer_mustache tee shirts

English proverb says, “A man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without sugar” and Rudyard Kipling also says, “Being kissed by a man who didn’t wax his moustache was–like eating an egg without salt.”

So listen up dudes, shaving around lips every morning is pain in the face, who doesn’t agree? But now, it’s time to prove to women out there that a man with mustache is super sexy ~ especially when Movember is around  the corner.

You can trim it like Johnny Depp’s, or Robert Downey Jr’s, or Russel Brand’s which makes women go crazy. Can’t grow one? Well, DXCV has the mustachiolution, with this tee.

You too, ladies, we know you want one!

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