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Poniosity. As These T-shirts Have Achieved.

Pony tee shirts poniosity escaphist apparel

Achieving a true Poniosity means a dream that comes true (an eligible to wear this aweponysome tee shirt) and that requires one must become one with the Pony. Sounds easy but to be honest, that’s not something you can take lightly. Nothing less a dedication of purpose, a centering of soul-and-self is required and for that reason, only a handful are capable of mastering.

I heard that the true Poniosity can only be discovered through self-inquiry and meditation. There’s no exact path that will come in hand because if one knows the way of the Pony, one must still be pony in essence.

What that’s mean for all of us? One must walk the path of the Pony, must live breath and and sleep as the pony. One must be Pony to be Pony, not versed in such drive as ‘Science’. One thing I believe, the time we become pony:  these glorious tees must be ready for Pony-time!




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