The Almost-Forgotten, Childhood Memories T-shirts

Things we enjoy in 21st century like the Internet, DVRs, and non-invasive medical procedures are nice, but they don’t even come close to how awesome the 1980s were. Sure, there were things like AIDS and the threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union, but we won’t talk about any of that crap, but the entertainment!

And you know what? Every single form of entertainment was better in the 80s. Movies were better. Music was better. TV shows were better. Video games were…okay, video games kind of sucked compared to today. But there were video game arcades! And they were great.

Who doesn’t know Batman? That all-new Dark Knight Rises just hit box office in 2012. But, it was started on 80s, and there were tons of other great Batman stories published in the 80s. Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, sure kids these days still brought those four turtles with the skills of a ninja and the names of Renaissance painters.

They still exist today but look far different from their comic book origins or their first animated series in 80s, and they worked very well with kids in 80s. And who doesn’t agree that Mario Bros, the legendary Italian plumber that repeatedly rescues Princess Peach, is the bestselling video game that was released for the NES back in 1985.

Mario has had the record for selling 40,2 millions unit for over 20 years. Just think that 40 million copies of that game cartridge were sold! And I think most of kids in 80s had almost-died-experience, forgetting to eat because playing that game.

Consider it an experiment in nostalgia, Harebrained touching the almost-forgotten-memories of 80s with this design. Let other 80s fans know about it as well!



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